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Our Educational Resources

The Good Choice Education Center is dedicated to helping people make better choices in life. Your choices are your life management tools. The better you are at using these tools, the more meaningful and effective your life will be. We provide three books, two websites, and a soon-to-be-released self-assessment, all intended to help you make better choices in life. More details about these resources are provided below.

Our Educational Resources

Our Books



Becoming the Person

You Were Intended to Be

Explains that our life's intended purpose is revealed through our interests, abilities, and feelings, but its realization is subject to the choices we make.

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Making the Decisions

That Define Your Life

Recaps 82 of our most important choices, provides areas for recording notes, and presents the question:

Where will your choices take you?

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A Personal Development Guide

An 8.5X11 Workbook
Focused o
n ten life-defining choices
with s
paces for entering 
personal notes, comments and the

results of choices you make.

Our Websites

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We all have difficult choices to make. No simple answers here. But if we factor the influence of the Spirit of Goodness into our thinking, choices like these can be made more effectively, leading us to better words, better deeds, and better living.

The choice reviews/lessons in the library are provided in both written and audio formats. In addition, there are three questions (discussion points) at the end of each to help apply the lesson to individual circumstances.

Parents, Young People, and Adults, Too

Parents and their Children

Most parents want to teach their children how to live a good and productive life. However, parents don’t always have the information and teaching aids they need to do this job effectively. The Good Choice Education Center provides five important resources that can help parents and their children identify, discuss, and understand many of the important choices we all face in life.

Young People and Adults, Too

Young people and adults who feel the need to “catch up” on the subject of choice-making and improve the choices they are making in their lives can benefit from these resources as well. Regardless of our age, we all should be working to become the best choice makers we can be. We improve our lives by improving the quality of the choices we make. If we want a better life, we must be willing to make better choices.

Important Choice-Making Ingredients


THE NEED FOR INDEPENDENCE. Many people live their life heavily influenced by what others think, or what they read on the internet, and not based on what they have independently decided is best for them and what they want to accomplish with their life. It's important to recognize that you are a unique individual with interests, abilities, and feelings like no other. Your life has a unique purpose, and, therefore, choices unique to you are required to accomplish it.


THE NEED FOR COURAGE. Obviously, we want to "be smart" about the way we manage our life. However, if we wait for circumstances to be perfect and outcomes guaranteed, we will accomplish very little. Many times in life we must rely on the combination of our "heads and our hearts" and make the choice we believe is the right one for us.


THE NEED FOR GOODNESS. Often overlooked, goodness is life's most important ingredient. Goodness "sets the tone" for how we live our life each day.  We believe there is goodness in every one. However, the degree to which that goodness influences our lives and the lives of others depends on the choices we make. To amplify the goodness we possess, we must "listen" to God's Spirit of Goodness within us and support the "signals" it provides with the choices we make.

But, We Have Our Concerns

We see so many poor choices being made in this country today.

We started to list many of them here, but you know what most of them are.

And, these "poor choice conditions" are getting worse, not better.


So, what happens to our country if we can't turn these circumstances around?

We already see the consequences in many of our schools and cities.

And, the conduct of many of our younger people is totally unacceptable.

The resources you see above are our efforts to improve these circumstances.

We've got to get people of all ages to improve the quality of the choices they make.

Our hope is that The Good Choice Education Center will help people do exactly that.

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