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About the Author

Founder, The Good Choice Education Center


CAREER. Michael graduated from the University of Mississippi, and worked for IBM in Memphis, TN for the first eight years of his business career. He went on from there to become a partner in a technology-related leasing company and to serve as President/CEO of a large technology services organization in Chicago, IL. In addition, Michael served on the board of a mid-south bank for over 10 years.

 FAMILY. Michael and his wife Betty (“Boop”) have two grown children both with MBA’s and very successful in their own right. In addition, they have three wonderful grandchildren, all with college degrees and now making some good choices of their own. Michael has often said, “The one thing that I am proudest of is my family.” Further, he believes that his family development experiences have equipped him to write his books.

PROJECTS. Since retiring, Michael has written three books including a new personal development guide about the role and importance of the choices we make in life. In addition, with the help of several others, he developed two related websites. These five resources have now been organized under the banner of The Good Choice Education Center. They are available to help parents developing children, young people wanting to improve their life-management skills, and other individuals simply wanting to “make better choices” as they go through life.


BELIEFS. Michael has thought, written, and worked in his effort to develop an understanding of how God works in the world and in our lives. He has come to believe, and strongly so, that God works through people. The spiritual influence in our lives, he believes, is provided by the Spirit of Goodness that God has given to each one of us regardless of our past background or current circumstances. Further, he has come to realize the almost unbelievable importance of our choices. Our choices provide a pathway for us to follow the influence of the Spirit of Goodness and help others in some way, or they cause us to ignore the “spiritual influence” in our life and head off in a totally different direction. This is a choice that each of us makes. Thoughts about God's Spirit of Goodness and its presence in our lives appear from time to time in his writings as well as on the websites he has helped to develop.

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