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Life and Choices

A Personal Development Guide

About the Book


This book/guide addresses ten of our most important choices. While there are many other important choices in life, these ten are “fundamental” choices that position us to make other choices more effectively. Space is provided in this 8.5/11 "workbook" where the reader can make personal notes, write down important to-dos, and make “suggestions to themselves” for later reference. The ten choices in the book include: 

The Choice to…

  • Be Nice to People

  • Take Time to Think

  • Take Care of Yourself

  • Identify the Influences in Your Life

  • Adopt a Personal Code of Conduct

  • Improve the Lives of Others

  • Make America Better

  • Determine What Your Life Is Saying to You

  • Live with Goodness

  • Become More Spiritually Connected

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What Others Say about Life and Choices


"I loved this book. I’ve read my share of self-help books, and I mean it honestly when I say that this one has had the greatest effect on me.” HANNAH TUCKER/La Vergne, TN

“I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and faced many choices. Michael’s book helps you focus on your purpose and what can be a precious commodity, our time here on earth.” JEFFERY DEMING/Reno, NV


“This book goes straight to the heart of everyday living. It’s smart, informative, and thought provoking. It’s evident that Nelson wants us to be our best selves.” MARCIE PFEUFFER/Colorado Springs, CO

“Nelson motivates his readers to look within, to seek opportunities to grow connections that last, and urges us to use our unique qualities to create a better life for all.” ZACHARY SHULTZ/Ft. Wayne, IN

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