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Good Choices Good Life

Becoming the Person You Were Intended to Be

About the Book


Good Choices Good Life is about the importance of choices, and how our choices define the person we turn out to be. The author explains how the book came to be this way, “This was going to be a short writing for my grandchildren. With so many bad influences in the world today, I wanted them to understand they could make their own choices and become the person they want to be, no matter what others around them were saying or doing. Somewhere along the way, the project took on a life of its own and now here is the book for all to read."

The book contains fourteen (14) sections, including:

  • Learning How to Live

  • We Are Who We Choose to Be

  • Developing Understanding

  • Being Honest

  • Becoming Who You Are

  • Acting on Faith

  • Giving to Others

  • Developing Friendships

  • Letting Love into Your Life

  • Discovering Your Gifts

  • Tending to Your Body

  • Establishing Goals and Taking Risks

  • Making the Effort

  • Your Choices, Your Life


What Others Say about Good Choices Good Life


“The entire time I was reading Good Choices Good Life, I felt that my grandfather was talking to me.  It is apparent that this book was written with a kind heart, a gentle soul and a loving nature.  The deepest truth that I received from this reading is that one should make choices for others, not for oneself.  In each chapter, a truth lies…sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious, but nevertheless there.” Rhonda Wilson/Mokena, IL

Good Choices Good Life told me things I wish I had known when I was younger.  With exceptional clarity, Nelson demonstrates the interplay of fate and free will, faith and doubt, self-interest and sacrifice in every life.  A careful reading reveals why we should choose love when it conflicts with our stated ambition, how wrong priorities prevent us from maximizing our potential and why “just letting things happen” doesn’t work.  Read it not once, but twice.” Amy Kaufman/Portland, OR


“Good choices have been around probably as long as bad ones, and yet Nelson’s message seems surprisingly poignant, and rings refreshingly clear:  good living requires good choices, and making good choices requires a degree of personal responsibility.  The sincerity Nelson displays in his plead to make better choices, and to live well is truly admirable.  He presents us with hard truth, and a difficult task of living responsibly, but he also assures us that we can do it.  Implicit in Good Choices Good Life is not only Michael Nelson’s concern for the younger generation, but also his faith in us.” Craig Reinbold/Chicago, IL

“As a young twenty-something trying to figure out my path in life, this book came along at the perfect time.  Michael Nelson’s Good Choices Good Life was not only helpful to me in focusing my thoughts, but it was encouraging me to approach the daunting task of “what am I going to do with my life” from the perspective of listening to my strengths and coupling those unique qualities with common sense, understanding and hard work.  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, there’s food for thought for you.” 
Katie Lohmann/Lincolnwood, IL

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