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The Life and Living Self-Assessment

Helping You Stop and Take a Closer Look at Yourself



One of the challenges we all face is to fully acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses. We tend to simply accept things as they are and not devote much time to investigating and confirming what our strong and weak points really are. The problem with being "uninformed" in this way is that it's very difficult to manage our life in a meaningful and effective way without a good understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

To help our users gain a better understanding in this regard, we are developing The Life and Living Self-Assessment. This self-assessment addresses ten (10) of the more important areas of life and living. It provides a set of questions to help you evaluate each of these ten areas and concludes with a Personal Assessment Report. This report provides constructive ratings and points out your strengths as well as areas needing improvement. You can review, study, and utilize this report to make choices that help you live your life more effectively.


The ten areas of self-assessment include:

1. Life Management

2. Goodness/Helping Others

3. Honesty/Trustworthiness

4. Choice Making

5. Health/Caring for Yourself

6. Knowledge/Understanding

7. Influences in My Life

8. Purpose/Calling

9. Thinking Effectiveness

10. Interacting with People


We will keep you updated here on both the content and launch date of this new self-assessment. In the meantime, we wish you the best as you work to make the choices that allow you to manage your life effectively.

Michael L. Nelson
Founder, The Good Choice Education Center                                                


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